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Throughout my life I have been a Non-conformist so I truly relate to the underdog because I know what & how they feel. This is why I advocate for blockchain technology. I believe in equality and that’s why I got into blockchain. It is the technology that is the enabler and has the power to democratize society and break all social and racial barriers – in other words the community serves itself – a system that “runs by the people for the people”. My vision is to create a true equalizer – everyone from any community has access to equal opportunities.

The combination of creativity and technology is to understand how to apply technology to better our society. When you build something the first question you have to ask is “why are we building it, what is the purpose?” Once you figure out the purpose the technology is only a tool to execute this purpose.



Dr. Merav Ozair is a global leading expert on

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, with a background of a
data scientist and a quant strategist. She has in-depth knowledge

and experience in global financial markets and its market microstructure. Currently, Dr. Ozair applies her unique expertise to researching and investigating distributed ledger technology (DLT) and Blockchain ecosystem, digital assets, crypto markets and specifically, decentralized finance (DeFi) space. She has been developing innovative
methodologies to evaluate digital assets and crypto markets, including cryptocurrency indexes, valuation metrics, ratings and tokenized products; and of particular focus – researching various DLT and DeFi
solutions, including decentralized identity, and decentralized trust privacy and security – mainly through consensus mechanism protocols and governance (including decentralized autonomous organizations
(DAOs)) of the platform/application. Dr. Ozair holds a PhD from Stern Business School at NYU.


Guinness World Records

Retained Consultant on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Web3

Academic Advisory Board Member

INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications)

Emerging Technologies Mastery, Inc.



Wake Forest University, SPS

FinTech Professor

Editorial Engagements

Editor-in-Chief of the World Scientific Series in FinTech at World Scientific Publishing

Awards & Recognitions

“Dr. Ozair is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on Cryptocurrency and
Blockchain,”  - 
the CFA Institute

“Dr. Ozair is one of the World’s Foremost Authorities on NFTs,”  - NPR

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