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Customized Research Reports

Customized Research Reports 2
  • Provide comprehensive research reports base on your needs and requirements

  • Please contact for more details & pricing 

Speaking Engagement & Workshops

Speaking Engagement & Workshops

Speaking Engagement & Workshops 2



Project Based Consultation

Services include all that relates to blockchain technology and its business and economic implementations - including, but not limited to Defi, DAO, NFT, Metaverse. 


Services can include 1 or all of the following:

Provide holistic, overarching solutions from business model to economic viability to system architecture & development to compliance

(including auditing & monitoring)

Holistic Approach

What is the business/economic proposition? Why utilize blockchain technology?

We will help you understand your business needs and objectives (short-term and long term); analyze viability of business use case and how blockchain technology (or other technologies) could facilitate and achieve those needs and objectives; and design the business model 

Business model & Economic Use-Case Design

How does the network make money? How does it incentivize users/members?

We will analyze and design your blockchain network model to incorporate suitable monetization and incentives to motivate collaboration and engagement of the network and generate network growth and scalability

Tokenomics & Token Utility

How can you enhance network and token value?

We will design suitable engagements and rewards, such as gamification models and various perks to advance token and network value

Utility Design

Who are the members of the network? How do members incentivize and protect network values and objectives?

We will help you design the operational model and suitable governance, which delivers fair, transparent, equal and democratic benefits to members that will enhance network value 

Network Governance

How can blockchain technology (and other technologies) benefit your organization or project? What are the implementations?

We help you design, structure and architect the system to best implement your business model and objectives; and set-up development teams to build best products and services 

System Design & Development

How to assure network and members compliance? 

We will help you design the appropriate compliance mechanism, auditing and monitoring to achieve regulatory and governance compliance

Compliance Design

Doctor Blockchain Methodology:

The Holistic Approach

It’s beyond development; Before you build something you have to understand the "Why".

After we understand the Why we can start thinking about the "how". Collectively these stages are designed to accomplish the best solution and project objectives.

The Holistic Approach 2
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