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Baraboo Growth, LLC

  • “What a great evening!  Everyone in our office has been buzzing about it.  Your topic is so interesting and you did a fantastic job of educating us and sharing your passion!”


  •  “You were definitely one of the most interesting speakers we have had in a while because you really make us THINK!”

Fort Lee
Public Library

“Hopefully we can have you back as a speaker again. The patrons who attended the
program responded very positively to your lecture, so I am sure another lecture would be a


  • “Great job yesterday. I received lots of positive feedback!!”

  • “You are an outstanding presenter”

Catherine Chasssanite,
Audencia Business 

“I got very positive comments. They asked me if they could have another session with you, so that alone is valuable feedback”

Kirk Zembal,
Alberta University

  • "Thanks so much for the enlightening chat with our class last week, Dr. Ozair!"

  • “will follow your research--if there's a speaking engagement that comes up in Alberta I will definitely recommend you.”

Carl Gurbisz

“What a wonderful and informative talk you gave on the Jim Csek podcast on January 4th. 
 It was filled with clarity and made simple enough for even me to understand. I just started in crypto a few months back and jumped in with both feet (probably not the smartest thing) as I am not a Gen Z but a Gen Old! You speak with such passion and joy; that excites me even more about the possibilities in this digital space. I feel better equipped now having listened and will be looking for more teachings you may have available. If you have any links or online classes please let me know. Thank you, you are terrific!”

Jay Methwani

“The webinar was really amazing, both the style and the substance of content was
extremely relevant to the space.  I learned a lot about the digital asset trading ecosystem. I also wanted to compliment you, I could only imagine the amount of backend work that goes into leading these webinars, super impressive!”

Richard Strong

“You are an amazing woman with so many incredibly positive attributes. I love your smile,
the way you simplify a new concept and your endorsement of change… you are a very
special person”

Rutgers Students

  • “You are a wonderful professor and an amazing person”

  • “Thank you so much for always being there for your students and having such a big passion for learning and data. I thoroughly enjoyed what you taught in the class and will definitely be taking your digital assets class next school year”

  • “I just wanted to take the time out to thank you for a great semester. I truly learned a lot from you and thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

  • “Lecture was fantastic!  I am all hooked on every topic in this class, making me a better thinker and I am learning so much every step of the way.”

  • “Thank you for very much affording me the time to speak to you today, you are truly very kind and I greatly appreciated your wealth of knowledge and guidance on our call.”

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